Monday, April 23, 2007

Okay.....just so you will all Momma has been trying to post for about
4 days.... (since Monday---that is why this post has Monday's date, but this is actully being published on FRIDAY, the 27th) and blogger was not cooperating!!!
She finally got these photos uploaded and saved as "draft".
Now, hopefully, blogger will cooperate and allow it to be published. *sigh*

Some more freaky weather here. We had a tornado (that was scawwie) and
now, it is COLD again! The tornado damaged several houses in town, but no dogs
(or hoomans) were hurt.

The big news is.....I got a package from across the world!!! From Boy & Baby
in Singapore! It is a nice card and a corn cob chew toy....and as you can see
by the photo, I LOVE it!!!
Thank you Boy & Baby!!!

Here is a photo of Sissy holding Jack.

I have found a new sleeping place....the arm
of the sofa!!

Jack got a new hoodie jacket....he really
thinks he is KEWL. It is cute, huh?

Until later,

Saturday, April 21, 2007

What's Up With That???

It has been TWO weeks since Momma got on this dang computer and updated
our blog!!!
WHAT'S UP WITH THAT????? Sheeshhhh.
Jack and I apologize.....on her behalf.
Momma has been busy with Sissy's birthday stuff.....(she turned 15) and
then she was on a trip (withOUT us!!!) at the Illinois River in Oklahoma for
a few days....and then my Sissy got sick and she was taking care of her.
Soooooo......I guess we can forgive her.......this time!
We have missed all of you so much.....and we are taking some time today
to get caught up on all of your blogs.....I know we have missed so much.
Thanks for being patient with us and thank you all so MUCH for the warm
Adoption Day wishes for me!!! All of you are so sweet and I've missed you
all so much!!!
I'll post more on all the birthday stuff later.
Slobbery kisses and excited licks for you all!!!!!
We love you,
Jasper & Jack

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Time

Hoppy Easter!!
Jasper & Jack

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Where did it go???

I am cOnFuSeD!!
For the past few mornings, it has been COLD outside;
and right is COLD and raining...and the wind
is howling.
What happened to Spring???
Where did it go?
Sheesh.....I am glad that Momma has not taken me
to the groomer for my Spring cut yet!
Poor Jack has been snuggling under any blanket
he can find. His fur is much shorter than mine.
I won't let him snuggle up to me
just yet (I need more time)....but he can wriggle
down into his fuzzy bed with his blankie and stay
very warm.
Momma has only snapped a few photos of us
recently. So, I thought I'd post them tonight
before going upstairs to bed.
Ohhh yeah....also....I have "officially"
added Jack's name to our blog tonight.

Jack was just starting a good shake in this
photo; I'm just watching there in the background.

Here we both are....sitting on Sissy. Tee hee,
we love to sit on her when she is on the couch.

I posted this photo....just so everyone knows.....that
I am still the KING of this blog....and deserve
all the admiration from everyone.
Tee hee.

Until next post,

Monday, April 2, 2007

Jack: Outdoor Adventure

Jack is coming out of his shell more and more, but
he is still not comfortable enough to post on our
blog. So, I am posting for him.....cuz that is the
kind of great brother that I am!
Over the weekend, we went on a picnic in
the park....and Momma snapped these photos.

Gotta pose with the tongue out!

After one pose, I started eating grass.

This is Jack listening to a story
that Sissy is reading.

He's a little camera hog!!

What kind of smile is this!?!?!
(Ohhh, Momma says it's the kind you have
when you only have 4 teeth in your mouth)

I guess Jack wanted to show you
his backside.................and.........

..............his tongue!

After we got home, Momma kept taking
photos of Jack......but, I think he had
had enough!!
(ohhh, Momma says he was not really
growling....this was the end of a yawn)

Until later,

Sunday, April 1, 2007

End of the weekend

Hellowwww my pups!
I hope you don't mind me letting Momma use my blog
to update about her niece. I did not mind at all, but I am
glad she is back now and focusing on US again!!! Tee hee.
Jack is starting to open up a bit, finally. He even played with
one of my toys the other night, but when me & Momma got on the
floor to play with him....he went back to his bed. So, for now....we will
let him play by himself. He also went over to the neighbor dog, Jackson
the Beagle, and interacted with him a little bit when we went on our
walkies one day. I am proud of him; he is getting better.

Jack stays in his bed a lot, but I go over to check
on him a lot.

He is a cute lil' fella though!

I like to sit on the couch above him,
to keep my eye on him.

Until next post,

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Introducing: Brayson Cade.

(This is Cynthia)
My niece had her baby boy last night at 11:25.....two months premature.
Both Crystal and Baby Brayson are doing fine. He is in neonatal intensive he only weighs 3lbs. 14oz.
This is her photography blog....and there will be more
photos of baby soon.
Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts!
Jasper, Cynthia & Tessia

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Some of you have asked who is older, me or Jack.
Well, I am the oldest by one year.
Jack is 7 years old.
Thanks to all of you who have sent him such warm welcome wishes!
This is Jack's favorite place to sit. For some reason, he likes to go up
to about the 4th or 5th step on our stairs and sit. He is so funny!
Until later,

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ahemmm....Announcement Please

Well, as you know from my previous post, Momma "almost" got to adopt a new playmate for me.
But, it did not become reality.
Well, something about that happening must have got the desire burning in my Momma for me to have a new sibling, because guess what????
We have adopted a new poodle-brother for me!!!
Jack, the white poodle.
He is much smaller than me, Momma says he only weighs 8 pounds (I weigh 12 pounds).
He is very timid.
His story is sad.
He was a puppy mill worker in Oklahoma most of his life. He stayed in cages most of the time, never
getting any lovin' or attention.....except to be bred. When the puppy mill owner decided he
was too old to work, he took him to the vet to be euthanized (Momma told me what that word means and I covered my ears!!).
Well, instead of doing that, the Vet called Pryor Animal League (P.A.L.) in Pryor, Oklahoma and a sweet lady came and got Jack and took him into her foster home! (I wanna give that sweet lady some slobbery kisses.)
Well, Momma saw Jack's photo on the same website where she saw mine (Petfinder) and called the lady and they agreed to meet so Momma and Sissy could meet Jack. They drove a long way, 2.5 hours, (like they did with me!) to meet Jack. Apparently, it was love at first sight, because they brought him home that night! Because he is very timid, I mostly just ignore him right now, but he does not bother me....except to smell my butt occasionally. tee hee Arf! this blog will be about OUR adventures: Jasper & Jack! :o)
More photos will be coming, so
stay tuned.
P.S This is Cynthia: please keep my 24 year old niece in your prayers...she is 7 months pregnant with her and her husband's first baby... and was rushed to the emergency room this morning. She was having hard contractions and dilated

to 2 cm. We are very worried about her and the unborn baby. They are keeping her in the hosptial and trying to stop the labor from progressing. Thank you! Cyn.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mystery Solved and the Peeople Park

Okay everyone.....the mystery of the strange doggie scent has been solved.
You are looking at a photo of the guilty dog.
She wandered up around my Momma's office and seemed to be homeless.
Of course, Momma fell instantly in love with her and wanted to bring her
home. (I really would not have minded, she IS a cutie pie!)
Momma hugged and loved on her during her lunch break from work., and
that is how the pup's scent got on Momma's clothes.
Anyway, Momma had decided to adopt her if nobody came to claim her.
But, by the end of the day, the lil' girl's owner claimed her and took
her back home!!!
Drats, I was looking forward to having a playmate.
Oh Well., on to the story of my weekend....and it was a FUN one.
First, I got to ride in the Jeep and go to a lot of fun places. We
went to PetsMart and Momma bought a new toy for me. While
we were there, we watched a lil' Shitzu puppy getting trained, and it
was so reminded me of Baby, Chiyo, and
Billy Boo!
After that, we went to the Peeople Park to test my new
toy. I really like that new toy!!

We went to Sissy's friend's house
to pick her up.
"Come on Nikki, lets go!"

Is she coming or not?!
(Momma had put my shirt on here)

Ohhh goodie, we are on our way!
"WEEEeeeeeee this wind feels so good"

There it is!!

Sissy had to put this silly Harley hat on me;
Don't I look ridiculious!?

This is the new toy; the name is a bit
embarrassing...considering.... I no longer have any!!!

We finally got to the Peeople Park.
"Come on Momma, get my toys
off this stump and let's play!!"

(Momma had taken my shirt off,
cuz she knows I get hot when I play)

I had so much fun playing fetch with my
Tuff Balls!! arf!

I also played with my regular tennis ball
some too.

All this running around made me thirsty!

All that drinking made me haff to pee!!

Don't my ears look funny!?! Sissy
had thrown my tennis ball in the air,
and I was jumping up to get it.

I am tired now.... I am ready to
go home.

But not before I get some more lovin'!

I slept all the way home.
(Momma had put my shirt back on me again!)

Ohh yeah,
Momma made me a new water bowl at
the pottery place she likes to go to. I like it!

Until later,