Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More thunderstorms on the way----sigh~!

Today, Momma and Sissy did not come home for lunch like yesterday; but that
was okay, cuz I was tired and wanted to sleep all day. Sissy was excited about going to school today (usually she isn't). She is in a club called Family, Career, Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and they were going to a meeting out of town today....and would not have school ALL DAY. After the meeting, they went to the mall and got to shop (one of MY favorite things to do too). Anyway, she posted some of her pictures on my blog...I hope y'all don't mind....I told her it was okay.
Momma decided to take some photos of me outside on our walk this here they are!
I like to sit on this chair thingy that is on our front porch.

I call this the "wish bone" tree and
it is one of my favorite places to
leave my scent.

I found a hole that had been dug
under this fence and smelled something
very interesting there! Momma had
to pull me with the leash to keep me
from going under!

I ALWAYS tinkle on our air conditioner unit; I
don't know why.

I like to sit in the clover. I can't believe there
was so much of it....unusual for February!

Then....clouds started moving in;
Momma said some severe storms are
on the way for tonight....yikes!

These clouds look pretty serious.

When my Sissy shopped today, she went to
Old Navy and Abercrombie and Fitch...her
favorite stores.
They don't sell doggie
clothes I shop at Butchy and Snickers!

Here is my Sissy (on the left) and
her friends on the bus coming home
from their meeting today. They all
wore their red FCCLA shirts and looked
so cute. I wish I had one!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday surprises! YAY

Helloowwww every doggie! I am so excited tonight! Momma told me
that she is going to order some new clothes for me from Ms. Linda,
(Butchy & Snickers Hooman Mom). I really can't wait to get them.
Today was such a nice day for me. I got a surprise at lunch
Momma and Sissy came home for lunch!! They hardly ever come home
for lunch from work and school. But they did today....and they even took
me outside for a short walk! It was GREAT, because is was sunny.....warm...
and not too windy. But, I was sad when they left so quickly...but got happy
again later when they came home for the day!!
I do love surprises.
Here are some new photos:

This is me and T-bone, my new
lovie dog.

Here I am in my favorite chair...with two
of my newest toys. I really love that
multi-colored round thing...and it squeeks.
That other one, to the my is a ball attached to a
rope-thingy...with a fuzzy tail on the end,
and the tail squeeks. It is fun.
Whew...I am getting tired and sleepy.....

Night night.............

Sunday, February 25, 2007

To the Bark Park once again!!

Today, I heard my Sissy talking to Momma about needing to go back to Fort Smith to buy a Chi.....I thought "a Chihuahua...I don't think so!"
I am an only dog and I want to stay an only dog!!
I was kind of worried until I found out it is something that she uses
to make her hair straight. Gee, I hope she does not try to use that
thing on ME!
Anyway, I begged Momma to take me to the Bark Park again, since
we were going to be in Fort Smith anyway.....and guess what?? It
worked!!! She took me again and I had a very good time. There were a lot
more dogs there this time and some were even swimming in the pond!
I thought it was too cold, but they seemed to be loving it. I just wish the
park was closer to where I live so we could go more often.,
here is my post for tonight.

Momma? Can we please go back to the Dog Park??

Yipppeeeee, we are going to the Bark Park again!!

Thank you Momma for taking me again!!!!

What a B I G D O G!!! His Daddy said he
is a Mastiff. I am a little scared and I am glad
his Daddy has him on that leash. (click pic to
see bigger and really appreciate this dog's size)

Here I am riding home in Momma's lap after a
big day at the Bark Park. I am sleeping on top
of a big, fluffy, lovie dog (he's not real) Momma bought me on
the way home. I just love him and we named
him T-Bone. That is his white, fluffy tail that looks
like it is coming out of my head.

Here I am waiting for Momma to write on
my blog....I am being very patient.
(She was going to use Sissy's laptop instead of her

These next photos show some of my favorite toys.

This is me....on my favorite place to lounge.

Here I am with my new Cuz!

These are the rest of my favorite toys.

My Sissy put this visor on me and took this
picture. I guess it is okay, but it does not match
my I feel a bit insecure about it.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fun at the Park and beyond!

My Momma and Sissy are brilliant....just brilliant, I tell you. In anticipation of the Saturday rainstorms, they took me to the dog park on FRIDAY!! As soon as Momma got off work, she and Sissy loaded me up in the Jeep and off we went.

"DRIVE FASTER SISSY", I screamed! (actually, he was yawning and I can't believe I got this shot-Cyn)

The anticipation is killing me!!

Stop taking pics of me in the Jeep and get
me to the park!

FINALLY, we are here!!!!!

WOW, this place is HUGE!

And of course, I had to pee-pee on
everything in sight!!

Yippee, there's the pond! But it is still
too cool to go swimming.

Where's all the other dogs? Humm, looks like
I have this place all to myself. That sun is
setting fast, I better get to running around!

Tee hee hee, I ran too fast for Momma's camera!

I finally stopped to take a break on top of this
picnic table by the pond. You can see the poopie
bag that Momma had to carry around - she had to
pick up my poopie and throw it away. Good idea
I guess....or we would all be running through a lot
of turdies.

Hey Momma, better bring that bag over here
by this tree!!!

That sun is going down fast.....noooooo, I don't
want it to because the park closes at dark!

Okay....okay....I am ready to go.

This was so much fun Momma & Sissy, thank
you for taking me!!!!

Wait, more picture with Sissy! Boy, I am
tired, hold me Sissy.

BUT, NOT too tired to go shopping at


This shirt fits me---I want it, please buy it
for me!!!

I had to check out the "Fashion Show" at
Petco....but darn, those are not real

Awwww, time for the ride home....goodbye Petco,
goodbye dog park---see ya next time.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dreaming of the dog park

Another beautiful day here! I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday cuz Momma and Sissy will get to be with me all weekend. I am hoping maybe they will take me to the new dog park in Fort Smith!! I think it is suppose to be really nice and I would love to play with some other doggies. Although, I did hear Momma say something to Sissy about a chance of rain, we will see.
Meanwhile, you can look at the new pictures she took of me this morning! That pillow is one of my favorite places to relax.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy tails

WOW, it has been too long since my last post. I should not let that happen again.
Well, my Vet visit (to have my teeth cleaned) went well and I now have pearly whites! Unfortunately, Doc had to pull two teeth due to decay! But, I sure do feel better! (and Momma says my breath is so sweet and fresh now).
The weather here has been so NICE. For the last few days, the highs have been in the 70's!!! It is just like Spring and I have been loving it. Momma likes to open the windows during weather like this...and I like to sit in the window sill and peer out at the birds and all the outdoor activity. Momma thinks it is cute and snapped these photos.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Purple Rain?

Momma bought me this new purple shirt.
Who does she think I am...The Artist Formerly
Known as Prince???

It itched me on this side......

And it itched me on that side!

So, Momma dressed me in this
silly new raincoat instead!!! Can't you tell
I am embarrassed to have this silly thing on!?
I don't need a raincoat, I need a snowsuit!

Although, it is kinda KEWL that the stripes on
the raincoat "glow" when light hits them.

WAIT A MINUTE!! She did not take off that
purple Prince is still on underneath
the raincoat!! Well, at least she did buy me this
chew bone.....which I love!